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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Final Trailer [HD]

There was a mix of reviews and reactions to the first movie Jurassic World but one thing I could say is it was one roller coaster ride kind of entertainment. It gave us a look and a glimpse of the possible dangers and incomprehensible amount of potential an experimented animal life can do, that is the Indominus Rex.

We cannot just let go of the cliff hanger ending of the first movie, seeing the Tyrannosaurus roaming freely around on the island while the people were evacuated back, and Dr. Wu evacuating the place taking various embryos.
Two trailers gave us two different emotions. The first which is 1:35 minutes long, showed quick glimpses of the overall movie , the plot, Owen reminiscing how he started taking care of those Dinos, especially Blue’s kinds, and how Claire convinced him to help on the rescue operation of the remaining creatures on the island.

The second trailer surely gives us a jolt all the way it finishes because it is super-scary. Have you watched it catching your breath all the time? The trailer gives us a clear idea that the Dinosaur Protection Group that Claire founded is being infiltrated with people who do not have the same intentions as her. And when they are on the island to do the rescue op, they have come to realize that it ‘s all a lie and a trick.

We also found out that they are making a new, possibly, Indominus! We are also seeing Dr. Wu’s appearance here which makes all the connection of this new experiment that our protagonists are being blinded about. Now, a new rescue is going to happen. Owen, Claire, and some new faces that are helping them, are trying to break in and rescue the animals from the island (which they helped rescue in the first place) especially Blue. And this is going to be so tensed! Let us watch out for that!

Other previews of the movie shows a scene featuring what appears to be the early stages of the volcano’s eruption, also featuring Howard and Pratt’s characters encountering a familiar dinosaur: the franchise-favorite tyrnannosaurus rex. Another teaser shows Pratt, Howard, and a newcomer fleeing a herd of dinosaurs as they stamped down a mountain, with the trio eventually running to safety behind a dilapidated gyroscope pod.

We also see Ian Malcolm here. He’s involve in Jurassic problems once again, and we can’t let slip our curiosity about what his role will be! Although, Goldblum said a little about his character’s involvement but making sure not to spoil the film by speaking hypothetically. “He might have something to say about the current confluence of circumstances around, you know, the use and misuse of technology.”

Filming began in early 2017. After filming, director Bayona gave fans a very cryptic photo. Hhhmm, really being careful there. Yes, he’s leaving the plot as much a mystery as ever. So we are on our own really to gather more info about this upcoming sequel that we are so excited about.
Since we do not know exactly what to expect from the latest Jurassic film, we know some of what not to expect. Trevorrow made it clear that wouldn’t “just have a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island”.

He seemed to be hinting the sequel would move away from Isla Nublar and go beyond the world of the park, which we did see on that second and super scary trailer! He also made to mention that Fallen Kingdom will look at bigger dangers than those we have already seen. We’d seen that big one got inside the house and scared the hell of that girl while she was on her bed hiding under the covers, right? The producer also mentioned the possibility of dinos being used in warfare and suggested that other entities could learn how to make dinosaurs. This was in fact foreshadowed in Jurassic World by Dr. Wu who said, not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.

So many possibilities we can expect as the creative minds behind this big film are exploring them!
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters June 22 this year.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Watch The Trailer Now! (Go Behind The Scenes) (HD)

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